Preview of our exhibition in Paris for Future en seine /picture by mathieu missiaen , Ceramique by julien Morin and stephane Perrier / Hardware by Tiffany Chen 

Viktoria Binschtok - eclipse99 cluster, 2014

Francesco Gennari

Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova - An Uneven Floor, 2010

contemporary-art-blog: Pedro Cabrita Reis artist from Lisbon at Galerie Nelson Freeman

Kostis Fokas #20 2014 by kostis fokas Photography on Flickr.

Oliver osborne

Venice Architecture Biennale 2010

Barry Le Va

berlinnicholas shot by @vrmtpro

lewkwilmshurstart: I Used To Be An Adventurer Like You  // 2013MadeScapes ^ Photos :: Hannah Wilmshurst

Pedro Cabrita Reis artist from Lisbon at Frieze